Epilation: ingrown hairs

Grow that hair can happen at any part of the body, not only on the palm side and the soles of the feet, because there grow no hair. Predestined, however, the parts of the body where the hair is removed from time to time. This can be done by a shave, or by epilation or waxing.

Each body hair ends in a hair follicle, which is surrounded by a follicle. If the hair short cut or torn off below the skin surface, it may happen that it no longer finds its way through the skin to the outside. This happens most easily when the pores are clogged. Then it grows under the skin on, parallel to the skin surface.

Because that does not belong to the hair is sealed off from the skin and repelled with time. But are separated by a tiny breach bacteria injected into the skin, the hair root hair ignites this and there is a small pus Knubbel with a red halo.

After epilation ingrown hairs

During epilation, the hairs are pulled out at the root. Will the epilator set incorrectly or the hair too long, the epilator can not grip properly and rips the hair too far upwards. This can have the consequence that after a short time again stubble can be seen. Can the hair is not discharged through the skin, they grow a.

But not only by errors during epilation takes the hair its way through the skin surface no longer. Even those who considered everything, may need about one week after notice that in some places small pustules occur. If a question of forming a red court and pus accumulated therein, the hair root of ingrown hair has ignited.

There are few steps to remove ingrown hairs.

  • Treat only itself when it has not yet come to an inflammation.
  • Use only sterile equipment (forceps, needle) and push if the inflammation does not passes, the doctor is not on the back burner.
  • From a small hair follicle inflammation an abscess or a boil can in case of emergency, when ignited and the surrounding tissue, are.

What helps against inflamed hair roots?

Because the inflammation of the hair root is caused by bacteria, you must eliminate the evildoers. Disinfect initially infected areas and treat then the inflammation with an antibiotic ointment. If you can not get a grip on the hair follicle inflammation, you need to seek medical attention.

  1. Zugsalbe: the hair follicle inflammation is still in its early stages, it can be treated with Zugsalbe.
  2. Tea Tree Oil: Alternatively you access to home remedies, such as the tea tree oil. The nurses not only the skin but also acts antibacterial. The oil is spotted while gently with a cotton swab to the affected area.
  3. Chamomile: Also helpful are warm compresses with chamomile. Brewing a strong chamomile tea on, allow it to cool slightly and then dip a clean cotton cloth in the tea. The soaked cloth insert carefully to the inflamed area.
  4. Salts: Supportive You can also use the cell salts number 1, 11 and 12 use, you are taking either or mixed with water into a paste, apply.

A depilation should be avoided in the affected area. Only when the hair follicle inflammation is completely gone, you can remove the hair at this point again.

Epilation: Avoid Ingrown hairs

Especially when you know that you are prone to ingrown hairs, you should try to take preventive measures:

  • Properly epilieren: The main requirement is that you are setting up your epilator correctly so that the tweezers can grab the little hairs well and pull it out with a jerk at the root. If the hair does not break at the depilation, the first step towards prevention is already done against ingrown hairs.
  • Proper Hair Length: The length of hair should fit because long hair to break during epilation you up. In addition, the epilator must exert more strength to uproot the long hair. Thereby it can happen that the hair follicle is changed and the subsequent hair grows at an angle to the skin surface. When epilation on a hair length between three and five millimeters.
  • Peeling: In order that the pores do not clog and find all the hair freely the way through the skin surface, you should also include regular skin peels in your personal hygiene. Even the day before the epilation it is advisable to free the skin by a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.
  • Cream, hot water, massage: Avoid the day of hair removal skin care with fat- or oil-containing creams and prepare your skin with a warm bath or a warm shower to epilate before. A circulation-stimulating massage is also helpful. It facilitates the epilator pulling out the hairs and prevents in this way ingrown hairs.
  • Skincare afterwards: After use, you should also not forget the after-care of the skin with a hydrating, fat-free lotion. It is also important that you avoid tight and synthetic clothing.
  • Proper epilator: Choosing the epilator also contributes to the prevention against ingrown hairs. Invest prefer a little more money and buy a high quality epilator, which allows you a gentle treatment of the skin by various essays. A cheap device often is not so gentle with your skin in order.

Treat properly Ingrown hairs

If you notice that despite all the prevention hair is grown, and there has not been ignited, you can trace it on your own on the right track. You will need a fine needle, a pointed tweezers, cotton balls and pure alcohol from the pharmacy:

  1. Sterilize your tools. That is, set both the needle, as well as the tweezers for a few minutes in the pure alcohol.
  2. Then apply a small amount of alcohol on a cotton pad and thus disinfect the area of ​​skin where the hair is ingrown. You are allowed to work quietly generous and also disinfect the area of ​​the hair.
  3. Now take the needle and apply carefully the upper skin layers, until you have arrived at the ingrown hair. Keep it as flat as possible so that you can add the needle unnecessary skin injury.
  4. Once the hair at the skin surface sharpened, drag it using the tweezers a bit up and give it so that the correct direction of growth before.
  5. Do not remove the hair, otherwise it may happen that subsequent hairs also grow.
  6. You can then disinfect the skin area treated again in order to avoid inflammation.

This treatment is only recommended when there is still no inflammation and if the hair is not particularly deep seated under the skin surface. If you can not pull with forceps up the hairs, you fix in a beauty salon, the problem of qualified personnel. Is the hair root already inflamed, you should seek medical attention.

Epilation bikini zone

Bikini Epilator

In addition to the genital area, the bikini line is probably the most sensitive part of the body when it comes to hair removal. But that pointed out no unsightly hair mat from the skimpy bikini panties, one of them the hair removal between the genital area and thighs for many at least in the summer months to regular hygiene.

Deciding how the hairs to be removed in the bikini area, depends primarily on the personal pain. But the sustainability and smoothness of the skin play a decisive role in the choice of means for hair removal.

There is always the possibility to take professional help and to remove the hairs in the studio. Anyone who wants to make himself to work, has to shave, epilate or grow spoiled for choice between.

Epilation bikini area, shave or grow?

Shaving: The most schmerzfreiste method in bikini area is shaving. When shaving the little hairs are cut directly to the skin surface. This has the advantage that it does not hurt. Because hair cut finally does not hurt.

A disadvantage is that the shortened hair quickly grow again. Many women notice a day after shaving the bikini line hair again small stop elk and after three days, the skin is no longer smooth and shaving has to be repeated.

Grow: When waxing the bikini line hair be removed from using wax. Since Brazilian waxing is done with hot wax, it can easily cause burns. Therefore, you should use this method rather leave the service personnel of a Enthaarungsstudios.

Who wants to grow itself, used cold wax strips. The strips are heated in the hand and then pulled apart. Then they are with the wax side down well pressed onto the wish to treat bodies and then removed with a jerk against the direction of hair growth.

The advantage of growth is that the hair be tackled at the root and thus about four to six weeks to have their peace. The downside to waxing the bikini area: It’s painful and it rarely gets all the hair suddenly. Therefore, it must be repeated in the same place several times, which irritates the skin additionally.

Epilation: Remains epilation as a third alternative. To epilate the bikini line, you should have a top quality product, in which you can choose between different essays. The best special attachments for sensitive parts of the body and massage essays have proven.

The epilator works over a roller at the many small forceps are attached and pull the hairs at the root of the skin. The great advantage of using the appliance, the handling of the device is simple and it takes approximately four weeks to the hair have grown back again. The downside: Even epilation hurts.

Painless epilation the Bikinzone

When you apply your epilator properly and observe some small tips that you can also epilate your bikini line largely painless. Unfortunately, this does not apply for the first time, because there usually twinge always a bit. This is due in mind that you need to remove many hairs at once, which are relatively thick and quite deep seated in the skin.

In the second, third and the umpteenth time you only after epilation. It then is less hairs (not all hairs grow at the same speed after), which are also thin. Should you find unbearable even after the fifth attempt, the pain of epilation bikini area, it is better if you opt for a different method of hair removal.

In order to keep the pain in check, there are a few simple tricks:

  • Before hot-Baden: If you epilate dry, you are taking before taking a hot bath or a warm shower. Due to the heat, the pores are opened and the hair can be pulled out easily.
  • No long hair epilation: epilation only hairs that are no longer than five millimeters. Stubble between three and five millimeters are better captured by the tweezers of the epilator, as long hair. This saves you unnecessary tangles, which is always accompanied by pain.
  • Shave long hair only: If your hair in the bikini line is too long, remove it first by a shave. Wait until the hairs grow back and begin until (after about three days) when the stubble have the desired length, with epilation.
  • Use massage attachment: Use for removing hair from sensitive bikini area the massage attachment of your epilator or massage the area in front of the hair removal yourself with a massage glove. This will promote blood circulation of the skin and the hair can be removed painlessly.
  • Use anesthetic cream: If you desperately want epilation, find the pain unbearable, but, you can also start the experiment with an anesthetic cream. The cream is available without a prescription at the pharmacy. It is applied for about one hour before the hair removal and has good move. Once set, the numbness, you should start with epilation, since the effect of the cream lasts only about 60 minutes.

Epilieren instructions for bikini line

  1. Wash the area to be depilated, thoroughly, so that it is exempt from cream and grease residues.
  2. Dry the skin well from so the epilator can sum up the stubble well.
  3. Take the epilator in the right hand (left-handed holding it in his left hand, of course), make or put in front of a mirror and pull with the other hand the skin on the body to be depilated taut apart.
  4. Now place the epilator at a right angle straight to the skin. If you are very sensitive to pain, unplug the device once it has geziept, again perpendicular to the front and insert it again, then in addition to the already depilated site at. Not feeling the depilation as very painful, you glide with the epilator slowly and smoothly over the skin.
  5. Always use you against the direction of hair growth and create, if necessary, several pauses.
  6. Do not forget the aftercare. Wear to soothe a moisturizing cream with aloe vera extracts.
  7. Wear immediately after hair removal not tight-fitting, synthetic underwear, otherwise the skin will very irritated.

Tips: epilation bikini zone

  • Peeling eliminates ingrown hairs: To ingrown hairs (see remove ingrown hairs) to avoid, you can perform a gentle peeling before the skin hair removal. This dead skin cells are removed and clogging of the pores is prevented.
  • In preparation, the skin massage: Prepare your skin. Promote blood circulation, by selecting the massage gently to be treated with a massage glove.
  • Hot water opens the pores: If you epilate wet, allow during the hair removal warm water over the skin run. This will open your pores and your device may be easier and less painful pull out the hair.
  • Painful points Cool: Have you felt the depilation as very painful, cool the affected area with a cold pack.
  • Maintain skin afterwards: Never forget to maintain the epilated skin areas. Either use a mild moisturizer to or use an After Sun Lotion.
  • Aloe Vera: Instead of a cream to soothe you can place it on the affected skin after hair removal also freshly cut aloe vera leaves.

Guide exfoliation using rice bran

Dear friends!

His daughter everyone wishes they had a white skin pink and me personally too. However, instead of using the cosmetics, I often concerned about the existing medicinal in nature. These types of pharmaceuticals is both safe and economically extremely effective.

But first, you should read Tips bleach clean and very good for the skin.

Over time, I accumulated a lot of experience for myself. Today, I share with you how exfoliation using rice bran dentist. These girls do want to have white skin pink, then go to it!

First, I want you to know rice bran contains many nutrients, vitamins and trace elements … skin benefits. You can refer to Use of rice bran post for more details home!

For exfoliation with rice bran is very simple you just need to do the following:

For face

There are many ways scrubs with rice bran. You can combine 2 tablespoons of bran + 1 egg white (for oily skin girlfriend) or yolk (for dry skin) + 1 teaspoon of honey. Stir this mixture to then apply to face. Relax around 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. You should perform 2 times week for this type of mask.

You can also perform simpler by combining 1 package unsweetened yogurt + half bowl of rice bran + 2 tablespoons of honey and mix up. Pour this mixture into sealed containers and store in refrigerator. The compound was used as ordinary masks.

Also similar to the way out you can mix with fresh milk, saffron, olive oil, almonds … to mask. Respirators can work it swept away dead skin cells, giving you smooth skin and bright white.

For body

Before bathing, you take half cup of rice bran, add a little milk or water can also be used warm or orange juice to mix together to create the consistency of the mix … and mix up. Then rub all over your body, gently massage in circular motions to avoid skin damage. Then relax with this body mask for about 15 minutes and then normal bath with water, the girlfriend have oily skin, you should shower with shower cream.

This approach is extremely effective, you will be very surprised myself feel the skin smooth and clean. To perform this operation from 1-2 times / week. However, if your skin is sensitive yet done 1 times / week whiff.

As for the daily shower you want, you can give thanks to the thin cloth bag, soaked with warm water and then squeeze out the water milky white opaque. Then use it for bathing dentist.

Simple but effective too cool is not it for you. Try and feel offline! I wish you success and soon had beautiful skin like that.

Tips bleach clean and very good for the skin


After a day of exposure to the harsh elements of the environment as well as cosmetics, makeup remover is one of the crucial stages, help your skin is clean and better health. However, most women are overlooked step up removal and often only perform this operation in a perfunctory way, quickly.

 Tips bleach clean and very good for the skin

If you are one of them, please pay more attention to this because if not cared, your skin will be degraded quickly.

#1. Do not miss any skin

Many people often think bleach is the simplest and just do this in the face forward while ignoring the foot skin hair temporal region. In fact, this can cause acne floods appear and you will be extremely hard to remove them.

 Tips bleach clean and very good for the skin

To ensure you can clean the skin, hair, tie your first neat and hairpin roof before makeup remover. Then please apply bleach solution over face, rub gently and carefully performed in temples and hairline edge in the skin of his cheeks.

#2. Using bleaching products for each skin

Currently there are many bleaching products from different manufacturers. However, there are makeup remover only be used for the face. Therefore, you should avoid using this type of eye area as it is sensitive skin, can easily bij injury. Instead, you can use essential oils like coconut oil from nature, olive oil …. for the area is to be protected in the best way.

#3. Do not use too much

Many people have the habit of using a large amount of bleach solution before every use. However, this is not only wasteful, but also makes it difficult to clean them from the skin. Ideally, you only use a sufficient amount, moistened cotton makeup remover then execute as usual makeup remover.

# 4. Rub gently

With mascara or eye liner components, cleaning them is quite difficult to manipulate that many people think should be rubbed vigorously can remove them. However, this is not only effective but also can make your skin vulnerable.

 Tips bleach clean and very good for the skin

Instead of performing an extremely powerful way, you should saturate the cleaning fluid on cotton pads to remove and put on the eyes. After sitting for a few minutes, the stubborn layer of cosmetics will soften gradually and you can wipe them gently. If cosmetics class has not really clean, you can use a cotton swab into the bleach solution and then dab on it and continue to in a minute.

# 5. Steam the face after makeup remover

The steam will help remove stubborn dirt entire underlying pores, so you should perform after Cleansing lotion for the best.

 Tips bleach clean and very good for the skin

To do this, you just need to boil water with a little oil, then catch on the pot of boiling water to steam up. Perform about 5 minutes, you will feel extremely comfortable, making pores are dilated and you can clean the skin quickly.

With 5 useful tips on makeup remover, wish you have healthy skin, beautiful as you wish

The epilator – Buying Guide

Unwanted hair removal methods

You will not miss your options for hair removal. Unfortunately, no product or method is not ideal for everyone or for all body parts. So he will have to choose the most suitable hair removal method for you. That’s what serves this comprehensive guide for epilator.

Some hair-removing processes attacking the problem at the surface of the skin by removing only the visible part of each bristle. They are usually painless. The main methods are shaving and the use of depilatory creams. The main drawback of waxing is that hair grows back very quickly – within hours or days and you must repeat the process frequently.

Other methods aim to remove the entire hair, including the roots under the surface of the skin – hence with pain). The main methods used to remove hair by waxing are waxing, hair removal equipment, laser, pulsed light, tweezers and electrolysis. With this category, regrowth is much slower because the hairs must regenerate from the root, but of course the pain during the process is a major drawback.

There are advantages and disadvantages (unfortunately) all hair removal methods. Most treatments (even those who claim to permanent hair removal) must be repeated over and over again.

So, take a look around Epilator Buying Guide.

How to choose your method of hair removal?

You can find information on all methods of hair removal in this guide hair removal and you have to explore each method thoroughly before making your choice. To do a quick tour, here are the questions you should ask yourself before choosing your method of hair removal.

1. Am I looking for a solution (quasi) -permanente or do I accept to repeat the treatment at regular intervals?

Some of us have no problem to shave legs every day. Others choose the razor because it is a painless method. The latest hate to have to do it every two days and seek a more permanent solution. How often would you like tweezers you?

2. What is my budget?

Permanent treatments such as electrolysis and laser hair removal are expensive. Over time, the use of the wax becomes too expensive. The electric epilators or pulsed light are a good compromise between cost and investment over time. How much money do you have and how much you will cost your hair removal in the long term.

3. What level of pain can I bear?

Some methods of unwanted hair removal are more painful than others. Those who remove hair from the skin surface are less painful and causes less discomfort while those who have a more lasting effect and pulling their hair at the root will challenge your pain threshold. There are ways to reduce the pain and discomfort, but will not disappear entirely. Some models use a cooling device that reduces pain.

4. What part of the body?

Various hair removal methods do not have the same interest as a function of the hairy surface. You decide if you prefer to use different methods on different surface or are looking for a versatile method you use everywhere.

5. Do I need a wireless epilator?

Some epilators are equipped with internal rechargeable battery, which can be handy if you want to use the epilator far from a source of electricity. In the other direction, it is useful to have the option of a power cord for you to use an electrical outlet and avoid falling into “failure” of hair removal because the batteries are discharged.

If you always travel, you need a wireless epilator

Understanding waxing and epilators

Originally designed to remove hair by pulling in a number at a time, epilators are essentially very similar to the manual hair removal. Today, the best hair removal devices are, however, more sophisticated.

To understand the difference between the different methods, we must first take a look at how hair removal. The disadvantage of waxing is that it eliminates the hair but also the skin of the microscopic cells and may involve a longer process of healing because of the damage to the outer skin. This process is less pronounced when it is epilators.

The first epilators have been manufactured by using Epilady tight coil springs which were rotated by a motor. Although the design was effective, it was necessary that manufacturers provide replacement springs that could be because the springs were regularly damaged. Some epilators manufacturers have then managed to solve this problem by using rotating disks instead of springs. This innovation has improved the sustainability and efficiency of the electric epilator today but also making them less painful than the initial coil designs. Finally, the concept has been enhanced to work almost as tweezers, with metal plates that open and close on a rotating head. This is a much more complex and dynamic process that facilitates the removal of hair.

You will need read Epilator Reviews from the experts to known how to choose best epilator, which cheap and easy to use.

Hair removal pulsed light then appeared. The objective of the depilation pulsed light is to destroy melanin of the hair, which has the effect of destroying the hair follicle in the skin, while preserving the surrounding tissues. This technique is similar to hair removal laser, with the difference that it is not a laser, but an intense beam of light pulses sent through said lamp “flash”. By absorbing this pulsed light, melanin, the pigment that colors hair, undergoes a sharp increase in temperature. It transmits this heat to the hair bulb, which dissolves.

The characteristics of a good hair remover

The “perfect” hair removal does not exist. This does not mean that each hair remover is bad, it just means that epilators are a purchase depending on needs or desires of quite personal. The method, style, features, price and brand, the choice is yours.

1. Use wet and dry epilator

Will you use your epilator in the shower or on dry legs? A wireless model will be required for use in a wet environment. However, these epilators must be loaded before each use to avoid being discharged in the middle of your waxing session. If you use an epilator on completely dry skin, a model with wire will often be more powerful.

2. Width of the epilator

The epilator do not all have the same width. And it is wider, it will go quickly to remove hair from large areas such as legs, which saves time. However, the disposal of large quantities of hair at a time can also be more painful. For your first epilator, it makes more sense to invest in a model of mid-range, so get used to pain before spending a lot of money in a much larger model.

3. Versatility for different body parts

When choosing an epilator, it is very important to know on what (s) part (s) of your body you will use most frequently. Different epilators are made to different areas of your body. Some can be used anywhere, while others have special heads for sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini line.

4. Massage Function

The massage function of an electric epilator may seem unnecessary, but it can be extremely helpful to reduce pain and chafing during waxing. Search an epilator with massage function in order to have a first smoother and easier experience.

5. With wireless

Rechargeable epilators wireless may be used in water. They are convenient because they are also easy to store, and are perfect for travel. However, they must be recharged frequently. Epilators with wire should always be connected in use, but often offer more power. Plus, you never have to worry about his charge.

Epilator pulsed light

As described above, a pulsed light epilator works on the same principle as laser epilator. The emitted pulsed light will destroy melanin of the hair by heating, resulting in the destruction of the hair and its root.

This technique works best on dark hair, but should be avoided on too dark skin (as the epilator pulsed light would heat the skin along with the hair)

The ideal is to shave about 3 days before hair removal with pulsed light. After applying an anesthetic cream to the area to remove hair, it’s best to use gloves to practice hair removal. For the outcome to be sustainable, it will repeat the operation several times, a few weeks apart.

One can tweeze any area of ​​the body with a pulsed light hair removal, except around the eyes and genitals.

And what is the effectiveness of a pulsed light hair removal? With a pulsed light hair removal, hair removal is not permanent. But the results show that after 6 uses only 20-30% of the hair grows back.

In addition to autonomy, an important criterion for the life of a pulsed light hair removal is the number of flashes that can deliver the lamp. In fact, lamps ranging from 750 to 130 000 flashes. A € 30 about the lamp, charging can quickly get expensive.

For convenience, also look at the size of the window that emits pulsed light. The bigger it is, the less you’ll need to make passages, so the more you go fast for you tweeze.

Laser hair remover

Laser hair removal also uses light to destroy the hair follicle. This procedure was once available only in professional clinics but portable consumer devices now allow enjoy its benefits at home. These devices are usually cheaper, less powerful and less dangerous than professional equipment.

The laser hair removal is more expensive than pulsed light but produce longer-term effects. They are subject to the same restrictions (dark hair and tanned skin too).

4 Reasons To Epilating Through Fall

Autumn is quick approaching and also the weather is starting to quiet down which implies you may all over again be moving your summer garments to the rear of your closet and disposing of your pants, jackets, and sweaters. even supposing you won’t be carrying shorts and dresses you ought to still continue with your Epilating if you wish to still fancy perfect wanting skin. Epilating has loads of advantages and these advantages improve over time. The additional you Epilation, the higher the results and also the healthier your skin looks! thus, don’t create the error of stopping your regular Epilating appointments just because the weather is ever-changing.

If you stop epilating throughout the time of year and winter, you may reverse everything you accomplished by waxing within the initial place. Your hair can stop growing in finer and you may begin to ascertain additional hair growing back that’s darker and additional course. Your skin can not be obtaining regular exfoliation as epilating conjointly exfoliates the skin removing excess dead skin cells. The list will maintain and on however here area unit four reasons to persuade you that epilating through the time of year is in your best interest!

#1. Hair growth

The additional you wax on a standardized basis the additional you’ll begin to note less hair growing back in between waxes. plenty of times this can be the goal of epilating within the initial place, to induce obviate the hair and need less maintenance over time. If you epilation frequently then stop throughout the colder seasons you’ll undo everything you were operating towards by epilating frequently within the initial place!

#2. Health of your skin

Epilating not solely removes the hair, it conjointly exfoliates your skin! This combined with the removal of the complete follicle is what provides you clear, smooth, healthy skin. If you would like these results to continue you would like to continue receiving regular waxes.

#3. Time

Epilating permits you to chop your morning routine short! No additional got to rouse at the crack of dawn to present yourself enough time to shave daily. this can be particularly vital for people who area unit back in school or have children going back to high school as your schedule fills up quick! Epilating solely needs associated depilator each few weeks. say low maintenance! Of course, you can read Epilator Review to know Best Epilator for you.

#4. Accident-proof

Different from shaving, epilating is safer, without cuts, rashes, razor burn, red bumps, etc. after epilating. You’ll never meet legs lined in band-aids or carrying sleeves and/or pants to hide up the irritated skin.

Now that you understand the important of epilating regularly it’s time for you to schedule a reservation with an Epilator and enjoy the wonderful results!

Bikini hair removal: think of the epilator

Bikini Epilator
Bikini Epilator
Bikini Epilator

Are you tempted by a bikini waxing to Brazilian? The Brazilian bikini requires removing all the hair in the bikini.And it is trendy!

Women often go to school to perform this operation. But we must recognize that it is quite expensive so it is quite possible to do at home. In this context, the handling of the wax is not obvious and the best way to pluck the shirt properly is to use an epilator.

Tips for hair removal bikini

  • At the same time, you think waxing, think exfoliation. Hair removal increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs. We suggest you invest in a glove exfoliation or better, an epilator with a built exfoliating brush like the Braun 7951.
  • If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid the full Brazilian bikini shaving. Although it sounds painful, the epilator is a great way to do so without the risk of skin lesions or infections. In addition, you will get a gentle epilation for four weeks.
  • To minimize discomfort, avoid waxing jersey just before your menstrual period, this is where you will be the most sensitive.
  • Before buying an epilator, test to measure the sensation of pain, snatching a few hairs with tweezers.
  • Be sure to tighten the skin to prevent pinching the skin.

How to select an epilator for the Brazilian bikini?

We have already done a lot of tests and comparisons, but here we will consider an epilator specifically for the jersey.

What are the features to look for?

  • Prefer an epilator with a tip for a sensitive area as the 7 series from Braun.
  • In the same vein, prefer an epilator with several speeds. So you can adjust the minimum speed to reduce pain.
  • Better a cordless epilator is more convenient.
  • If necessary, an epilator that you could use in the bath also reduces discomfort.

Best Epilator – How to pick and Not Lose

Due to the growing popularity, there is a wide variety of brands and styles of hair epilators there for purchase. If you are planning to get the best epilator for your needs, it is very important to understand that what features you need to look for and why. The following tips will ensure you are making an informed decision when it comes time to buy an epilator.

Tip 1 – Love Your Skin

You really need to appreciate the sensitive nature of this skin, especially if you certainly are women, when looking to buy a hair epilator. Some epilators may be hard on the skin when used after some time and this may cause irritation to individuals with sensitive skin, more so for your ladies than most men. There are however hair epilator brands that do include a built-in skin protector to defend against possible skin problems from repeated use.

Tip 2 – Changeable Speeds

Epilator speed is essential since some unwanted body hair grows thicker in most parts of your body as compared to others. If you are looking for the best epilator for your needs, you must consider a design that provide adjustable speed controls. This feature will help you to set the speed to match the thickness of the unwanted hair and also using a slower speed in a more sensitive skin area.

Tip 3 – Power

Your power source or power supply is also an important consideration when trying to find that best epilator. Some kinds of hair epilators require being connected to a standard electrical plug-in whilst other kinds may reply about batteries, both normal and rechargeable. Generally you will get more power in the wall plug-in models and this may be important to you. Alternatively, the battery powered models offer you the portability option if you plan to travel with your hair epilator and might not always have a convenient electrical power source.

Tip 4 – Selections and Accessories

The final tip is to be sure that you consider all the options and accessories that are included with the various types and brand names of hair epilators. One essential accessory is any cleaning brush which will permit you to easily remove hair that gets wedged involving the small discs of the epilator. Another recommended accessory is called a “loofah pad” that can be used to prevent ingrown hairs.

Tip 4 – Read an Epilator Review article

There are a lot of people used Epilator before you. So, why not take a look around Epilator Review to find best one for you, which cheap, easy to use and highly effectively.

The above tips will certainly allow you to make an informed decision when looking for the best epilator. Naturally, don’t forget to think about the cost of the hair epilator at the same time. No doubt, you’ll be wanting to identify a reasonably priced choice, which can take a moment. Sometimes the best way to locate an awesome deal is to analyze product descriptions and compare costs. Checking epilators for women reviews is a great way to get started.